Brotherlink 5 usb своими руками

Brotherlink 5 usb своими руками

Wireless Brother KH-9xx knitting machine connection.

Isn’t your Brother KH-9xx online and blogging yet 😄 ?
Come on, stop wiring your room, it’s time for IoT and WiFi!
Let’s create wireless BrotherLink cable!

You all know that BrotherLink BLx USB cables are far overpriced. Some of you create DIY cables following Adafruit or Daviworks tutorials. Having repeated their cable I got an idea to replace the wired connection with a WiFi one.

After looking around I found that there’s a pretty cheap solution out there on the market – ESP8266 module, which is actually an MCU (micro controller unit) with built-in SPI flash memory, WiFi, GPIO, UART, etc. periphery. It is very popular for DIY IoT projects, has a lot of users, who contributed a lot of libraries helping to develop ESP8266 applications using pure C/C++, Arduino Wiring, Lua and so on.

I’m not an electronic engineer so I decided to go with ready-to-use modules to reduce welding and avoid mistakes. As for the minimum you need:

  1. ESP8266 module (or board). I selected WeMos D1 mini — a minimalist ESP8266 board with all necessary resistors, an integrated USB-UART bridge (you won’t need a separate converter to connect the module to PC for firmware flashing) and a 5V-to-3.3V power converter (not very reliable though).
  2. Logic level converter. Brother KH-9xx serial interface is known to operate at 5V level, while ESP8266 IO expects 3.3V. The simplest logic level conversion can be achieved with two resistors by I opted to use a factory manufactured module. I bought mine from AliExpress which is times cheaper than the one from SparkFun. Caution: do not! connect ESP8266 RX/TX directly to KH-9xxx port, doing so will most likely harm the module.
  3. Power. ESP8266 operates at 3.3V (caution!); to coordinate logic levels you’ll also need 5V. For the time writing the article I feed my device with a breadboard power supply (note separate +5V and +3.3V buses on the diagram), but for a final setup I’m going to pick up +5V directly from KH-9xx internals in order to get rid of wires completely. To step +5V down to +3.3V you should consider including a separate AMS1117 power module (not shown on the diagram).
  4. Optionally, to provide for Interactive Knitting (IK) mode of the DesignaKnit application, you might want to add a reed switch and a 10kOm resistor (or, like did I, use a pre-manufactured reed switch module). You also need a magnet, which you’ll put (glue or somehow attach) to the carriage of the knitting machine (that’ll be your BL5 “magnetic arm”). With this option your device becomes a BrotherLink BL5 wireless cable, while without it – just BL1.

To make things fly you’ll have to upload some firmware to the ESP8266.

The best option for those who are not close to MCU firmware programing is to download ready-to-flash binary files from the release.

The firmware is based on esp8266web project which already contains almost all the necessary things including: WEB Server, TCP-to-UART bridge with a lot of configurable options, device and application configuration through web interface.

I had to make some customizations of the original project in order to utilize reed switch and provide for Interactive Knitting. Customized sources are here and the sources of the application (Eclipse project) are right in this very repository. Again, to skip the time consuming learning trail of compiling firmware from sources, you might prefer to download the ready-to-flash binary files.

To upload firmware to your module you’ll have to install Python (choose 2.x version) with pyserial (the simplest way is to issue pip install pyserial from command prompt after Python installation). Esptool is already included in the binary distribution. If you follow me and use WeMos D1 mini module, make sure you have installed Ch340G driver (if appropriate for your OS).

Connect your module to USB of your PC, detect the resulting COM-port number.
Note: COM4 is assumed for the example commands below.
Note: click RESET button of D1 mini just before you run esptool.py … write_flash … command.

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First, flash clear settings with the following from the command prompt:

Second, flash the software portion:

Press RESET on the module again (just to be on the safe side), wait a couple of seconds and now you can use any of your WiFi-enabled devices (notebook, smartphone) to:

  1. Connect to a WiFi access point named ESP8266 (by default);
  2. Point you browser to (default username:password are ESP8266:0123456789) and upload WEBFiles.bin file;
  3. Point you browser to and continue device configuration.
  1. WiFi Settings: set your home WiFi SSID and password. Optionally switch off ESP8266 access point by selecting STATION_MODE. Mention that right after switching AP off you won’t be able to access web interface of the module with, instead reconnect your notebook (or whatever) back to your home network and use http://sesp8266/ or, if the latter doesn’t work for you, find out the new module IP address from your WiFi router (notice address part on the screenshots below). Or just leave WiFi mode setting as STATIONAP_MODE.
  2. TCP-TO-UART Settings: set baud rate to 9600, enable RX and TX inversion.
  3. System Setup: disable checking RX pin to reset WiFi configuration (important! When you power on your device while it is connected to KH-9xx port, this setting, if enabled, will reset your customizations from 1.).

Software (Windows only)

DesignaKnit expects knitting machine to be connected through COM interface. To make it acquainted with your device you’d install a virtual COM-port driver. There are several solutions out there: HW VSP, VSPE, USR-VCOM; I didn’t try them all so the following screen shots are all about HW VSP.

After installing HW VSP you’d create a virtual COM-port with the following settings:

First, at the Settings tab, click Login to acquire administrative access, then configure as on the following screen shot:

Next, go to the Virtual Serial Port tab to select your COM-port name; set “sesp8266” for the IP-address (or take the IP of your device from its web interface WiFi Settings page, IP from WiFi Station column); set port to 12345:

Note: if you power your device off, HW VSP looses connection to your device and to enable it again you’ll have to delete and create your virtual port again. Looks like «Use NOP to Keep Connection» and «Renew Automatically» settings of HW VSP might help but they are by some reason disabled.


Brotherlink 5 usb своими руками

Links for Brother electronic machines

USB BrotherLink 1

These links enable the transfer of stitch patterns between DesignaKnit and the knitting machine or PPD memory. (For non-electronic machines please see the ScreenLink).

This link enables patterns to be downloaded from DesignaKnit, and any 900 series patterns to be uploaded to DesignaKnit. The 900 series pattern numbers are those loaded from another source into your knitting machine or PPD (e.g. from the PPD, Brother FB100 Disk Drive, or DesignaKnit).

When linked to the KH940 or KH950i, this cable enables Interactive Knitting.

USB BrotherLink 5

This link enables patterns to be downloaded from DesignaKnit, and 900 series patterns to be uploaded to DesignaKnit. The 900 series pattern numbers are those loaded from another source into the knitting machine or PPD (e.g. from the PPD, Brother FB100 Disk Drive, or DesignaKnit).

This link supports downloading and uploading with the KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH965i, KH970, and with the PPD using Cartridge III in KH900 mode, or with the PPD using the CK35 cartridge.

This link is identical to the USB BrotherLink 1 except that it includes a magnet arm that attaches to the carriage and thereby enables Interactive Knitting with any knitting machine, including non-electronic ones.

USB BrotherLink 4 (Cartridge Cable)

DesignaKnit has recently been updated to use this cable to download patterns to Brother machines that take a Brother pattern cartridge (KH900, KH270, KH965, KH965i, KH970). This cable link also has its own software that transfers standard graphic files between a Windows computer and the above knitting machines. It can also be used as a replacement for a PPD cartridge and can be used when downloading patterns from DesignaKnit to the PPD using a BrotherLink 3.

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The USB BrotherLink 4 Plus variant of this link may

also be used for Interactive Knitting in DesignaKnit 8 or 9

with any Brother electronic knitting machine.

USB BrotherLink 3,
USB BrotherLink 3 Plus, Serial Brotherlink 3

These links support downloading and uploading with the Brother PPD (Pattern Programming Device) when it is set to the modes for the KH270, KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH965, KH965i, or KH970. Uploading only is supported for the Stitch Pattern Extras Cartridge.

After downloading, patterns may be transferred to the KH930, KH940, KH950i, or KH965i via the PPD’s own connecting cable, or to the KH270, KH965, KH965i, or KH970 by manually transferring the cartridge.

The PPD Adapter (see next item) must be attached when uploading or downloading in KH900 mode or when the CK35 cartridge is used.

KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH965i, KH970,
PPD for KH900, PPD for CK35.

KH270, KH900, KH965, KH965i, KH970, PPD.

KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH965i, KH970,
PPD for KH900, PPD for CK35.

PPD for KH270, KH930, KH940,
KH950i, KH965, KH965i, KH970,
also Extras cartridge.


Brotherlink 5 usb своими руками

Если у вас возникли сложности с поиском необходимой информации, можете воспользоваться Путеводителем по Подфоруму.

Юля ну так по вашей ссылке же видно какой кабель подойдет и на 930 и на 270 модель.


Юля ну так по вашей ссылке же видно какой кабель подойдет и на 930 и на 270 модель.

сорри, надо же, 3 раза смотрела, вот я невнимательная)) BrotherLink 3 USB Plus
А где его раздобыть?
Дописано- я прочла, что этот кабель работает через устройство Brother PPD..У меня такого не будет..Значит не получится один кабель на 2 машины?


Кстати, а Бразер 270 с чем работать будет в интерактиве? Возможно ли один кабель на 930 и 270?

Согласно данной таблицы, для Brother 270 самый оптимальный вариант — BrotherLink 4 USB Plus. Он подсоединяется в щель для картриджа. С его помощью можно загружать, выгружать узоры и вязать в интерактивном режиме.

Кабель BrotherLink 4 USB не позволяет вязать в интерактиве, поэтому для тех, кто его имеет и хочет интерактив, может купить Converter for BrotherLink 4 USB. Он конвертирует BL4 USB в BL4 Plus.

Для 930 нужен BL 5 Serial или BL5 USB


Коленвал.спасибо.что ответили.Не очень поняла про 328 игл.какой длины тогда машина или какое расстояние между иглами? Про Любо-дело знаю.А про сайт по СНГ-нет.И опасно отдавать деньги в никуда.Но сижу и облизываюсь.


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Если интерисует сайт обьявлений, могу дать ссылку. Только читай внимательно посты.


Лешка. не торопитесь. Ваша машинка будет вязать и без кабеля. Вы ее сначала обнимите и приголубьте, а потом и кабель закажете..Я с Вами, если что, мне тож надо..
Только я предпочитаю «Все включено»..Это чтобы в интерактиве тоже работал, и ряды считал и т.д. Просто для загрузки рисунков мне мало..
Я так поняла, что для всего этого нужен для Бразера 930 Бразерлинк 5. http://www.softbyte.co.uk/brothl.htm
Подскажите, знающие..
Кстати, а Бразер 270 с чем работать будет в интерактиве? Возможно ли один кабель на 930 и 270?

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Юля так вот я такой кабель и хочу. Я знаю этот сайт — я уже с ними переписывалась. По их таблице подходит и 1й и 5й. И я не могу понять принципиальную разницу (не считая магнита). Вот и хочу узнать ответ у девчат — укто работает или точно знает про Бразерлинк1й. Все ли он делает? Чтоб в интерактиве при вязании кулирки и ажура и интарсии считались ряды.


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Лешка1, двумя постами выше:


Для 930 нужен BL 5 Serial или BL5 USB